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Members only

In an effort to reach out and share the positive impact of video conferences in the classroom, I’ve been looking for education conferences that I normally would not attend.  My conclusion is that there are a lot of very insular conferences taking place.  In today’s connected society why do I find limits such as I found at several conferences where they require that I be a member of the organization?  I do realize that they need money to sustain the organization but isn’t my conference fee enough?  Why do I need to join a group to interact with them once?  Maybe I’ll like the group and join again but shouldn’t I decide that after we meet?  How do organizations grow if all of the speakers need to be members?

If knitters only spoke to knitters there wouldn’t be the plethora of knitting stitches available in the world today.  If knitters only shared with others in their circle it would be a far different group of people.  Education should learn from knitters…if they see someone with yarn a conversation is started.  If educators see someone with an idea, they should start a conversation, too…and not force that person to be a member.


Starting anew

Have been overwhelmed recently by the number of places to go on the web…Google+, LSSK community, Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter, DLWG, TCEA, ISTE ning,  and my three emails.  There are also other online communities to which I belong that I gave up on long ago.  Some I join just to help others figure them out and then I move along.  In others I intend to be active but then new ones grab my attention and I’m off again.  It takes some time to get to know people and bouncing around different communities can make your head spin and feel like you don’t belong anywhere.

I laugh, though, because this is how I knit, how I read and how I stay in touch with friends.  I bounce like Tigger!  I rarely have less than three concurrent knitting projects that take varying degrees of concentration.  I read part of one fiction book, move to a non-fiction and then back again.

I read with envy those who stay the course in any given community and write amazingly insightful blogs.  So, my intention going forward is to continue to bounce but WITH intention.  I hope to make my blog my focus to pull together all the strings of thought and as in knitting, use the various strands to create something useful or beautiful or both.