The Holidays are here!

I finished a doll’s blanket and a shopping bag to give as presents and will be looking for the parts of reindeer that I knit last year to be assembled this year.  After sewing a full bedroom set, pajamas for two year olds, and helping with a set of ten stockings, what do I want to do…more knitting, please.  The quiet repetition is calming and watching the yarn (or plarn) change form is exciting.  I’ve read that other people consider knitting much like meditation and I can see why.  Well, usually…finding a dropped stitch or having to rip out several rows because I miscounted a pattern is not soothing at all but it is a lesson learned.

I’ve found out a lot about myself through my approach to knitting.  I re-established myself as a knitter after many years not with a scarf or a hat.  No, I started with a sweater – a full tunic length with a twisted rib pattern.  Next was an argyle for my son which took much longer than I anticipated because I never stopped to think about what I didn’t know about argyle. In each of these garments there was a pattern that took shape from following the instructions but I had to work through the first several repeats before I could see it.  Now that I have been knitting for a while I see the pattern more clearly in my head before I need to go through the process several times.  Looking back through other parts of my life I see a pattern that I hadn’t noticed before – I jump in and then look for the patterns.   Once I see the patterns, I’m on to another task or project.  I do admire those who can create the same item many times but it’s not in the cards for me.

So, the question arises for me, is this a result of the training I had over the years as a student or is this my personality?


Adding some yarn

I have been asking the world what they did in school this past week in school that was fun on Twitter.  Got a few nibbles so I posted the same question this week (#mostfunthisweek) and will keep it going through the school year to see what grows.  It feels like the first few rows of knitting when you think you have all the stitches on the needle and the yarn isn’t twisted but you’re still not sure if you have it right ’til you finish the first two rows.  Hopefully the responses will turn into a virtual sweater that will warm the hearts of educators.

On the yarn knitting side of life, I have completed my second shopping bag made of shopping bags using a different plastic and really like it better than the first.  It’s softer!  Who knew that plastic could be described that way?  I am now eyeing any plastic bags that come into sight with a new point of view.  I am finding that the dry cleaner bag is offering some potential as it has the weight and feel of the department store bag but is clear…could offer an interesting result.  But, oh, I have several sweaters to complete….

I wonder if my knitting style could be transferred to one of the personality dimension tools that we use in education for looking at different learning styles.  I know that I am quite the random thinker and that certainly correlates to the way I knit one piece for a while, change to another and then return to the first.  Maybe looking at the way our students work through their own hobbies will give us a window into how they absorb and synthesize information.

Plastic Bags

I finshed my first knitted plastic bag last night made from the bags from the local grocery store.  The process was amazing. First of all, I had to find several websites on how to cut the bags to make the “yarn” before I found one that made sense to me which illustrates how we all take in information so differently.  Then as I was working on it, I commented on how the material felt.  I hadn’t really thought before about the different feel of plastic in the same way that I do wool, cotton or other yarns but you know, I have discovered that I really like the feel of some better than others.  Am also moving to larger needles for another bag.  Don’t know how many of these I’ll make.  It seems like a good present to give people and it sure will keep dozens of plastic bags out of the trash but I’ve always tended toward learning the process rather than production.  Well, as long as I keep forgetting to take tha canvas bags out of the back of the car, knitting the plastic ones will ease my conscience.

Knitting my ideas

Talking to my son the other day and said that I sometimes thought about writing a blog but got lost in what to write about.  He said, “Knitting, you know you love to knit.”  Even then I resisted since there are so many well written blogs that have catchy names, witty authors and good ideas – all centered around knitting.  Then it occurred to me that I knit all day even on days when no yarn touches my hands.  I knit together information to help the educators I work with.  I knit together ideas for the family for reunions, parties and other events.   I sometimes even “knit my brows” though that’s most likely a sign that I need the meditative feel of yarn in my hands and the gentle clicking of needles to soothe the soul.  And, so …now I write about knitting.