Getting ready for the holidays

I haven’t written for ages and am now motivated by the excitement of maybe winning some knitting tools and yarn. If you are reading this, I put my wishlist on Knitpicks for some pretty nifty little tools that could make my hobby a bit more fun to do.
Realizing that I have been intertwining knitting and education, I realize that sometimes it’s like that in school,,,,things are just going along sometimes smoothly, sometimes with some rockiness but the monotony of the same schedule becomes comfy and doesn’t stretch the imagination. It’s like knitting a sweater with all the same color and stitch. May look lovely in the end but was a very predictable path to get it done.
I know that I need things changed up a bit now and then to get the blood flowing again and to force the oxygen back to the brain…let’s hear it for holidays, for changing the schedule just for the fun of it and making each day in our schools a totally new and engaging experience. And, if I win the contest that prompted me back to writing…well, I’ll start a new fiber project!


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