Trying new stitches

Have been stash busting and working my way through a book of  knitting stitches at the same time so I now have a growing collection of scarves … not exactly the type of collection needed in the heart of Texas.  Perhaps my friends and family hanging out in northern climes will come to appreciate my handiwork. I find that I rarely keep anything that I knit and find the most pleasure when I am creating something for another person.  The few things that I do keep are often replicated so that I can share with others.

Have you ever really looked at the teachers in your midst?  They create for others all the time.  I have never met a good teacher who wasn’t knitting together some ideas that will make concepts and facts more meaningful for their students.  They work their way through books of stitches almost everyday trying to find the stitch that will best suit the students in the classroom with them.

Today as we listen to the political debates raging around the country about how to cut education costs, it makes me wonder where the thought came from that you can use cheap products to create masterpieces.  Isn’t that what some are talking about?  Cutting our school budgets to the bone ( or in some cases,  amputation) will not help teachers, counselors and coaches provide the experiences that will foster creative, thoughtful, skilled citizens for the future.  Instead of looking for new stitches to build meaning for their students, teachers will be scrounging for scraps of yarn and darning needles to plug the holes in the fabric they now have.  Do we really want to clothe our children in harsh, scratchy cast-offs when we can afford a resilient, stretchy,  made-for-you education?



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