Dropping stitches

How is it that even with careful counting I end up a few stitches off in my lace pattern and have to go back to fix it.  I can look at this as a life lesson I suppose, that I need to reflect more often to make sure all is well and “fix it” before moving on.   The philosophical approach leads me to the larger picture of what I’ve done with my life…are there relationships that need attention, projects to complete, places to go.  Oh, yes… So knowing this sounds trite, I do find parallels in my knitting and life.

I still want to know what to do so I won’t goof up the lace pattern.  Maybe I just daydream too much and am not counting as carefully as I should.

I hope all my dropped stitches in life are as easy to pick up.


One response to “Dropping stitches

  1. Finding metaphors in life and experience is never trite! Its the stuff all art is made of. Go Carol!

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