Plastic Bags

I finshed my first knitted plastic bag last night made from the bags from the local grocery store.  The process was amazing. First of all, I had to find several websites on how to cut the bags to make the “yarn” before I found one that made sense to me which illustrates how we all take in information so differently.  Then as I was working on it, I commented on how the material felt.  I hadn’t really thought before about the different feel of plastic in the same way that I do wool, cotton or other yarns but you know, I have discovered that I really like the feel of some better than others.  Am also moving to larger needles for another bag.  Don’t know how many of these I’ll make.  It seems like a good present to give people and it sure will keep dozens of plastic bags out of the trash but I’ve always tended toward learning the process rather than production.  Well, as long as I keep forgetting to take tha canvas bags out of the back of the car, knitting the plastic ones will ease my conscience.


One response to “Plastic Bags

  1. What a great way to recycle a used product into something creative and useful. I saw some really cool laptop bags that were made from recycled items when looking at father’s day gifts a while back.

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