Knitting my ideas

Talking to my son the other day and said that I sometimes thought about writing a blog but got lost in what to write about.  He said, “Knitting, you know you love to knit.”  Even then I resisted since there are so many well written blogs that have catchy names, witty authors and good ideas – all centered around knitting.  Then it occurred to me that I knit all day even on days when no yarn touches my hands.  I knit together information to help the educators I work with.  I knit together ideas for the family for reunions, parties and other events.   I sometimes even “knit my brows” though that’s most likely a sign that I need the meditative feel of yarn in my hands and the gentle clicking of needles to soothe the soul.  And, so …now I write about knitting.


One response to “Knitting my ideas

  1. Good for you! I think this will be a great creative outlet for you. You are a great writer, a great teacher and a great knitter. This blog will be just another outlet for all of your wonderful thoughts, ideas and a showcase for your projects.

    Don’t worry about how many other people may be writing about the same thing. You are an individual and if you write this blog with your own voice, then it will be unique no matter how many similar blogs there may be.

    I wish you luck and am excited to see where this new project leads!

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